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    9th November 2016

    Look who popped in to see us....

    Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle come in to answer some questions from our sports captains.

    Our children had the unique opportunity for a question and answer session with Beth, who was more than happy to answer their questions. In their own words, this is what the Olympian had to say;

    Pupil 1 

    Q1 How many medals do you have?

    Beth doesn't know how many medals she has but she thinks she has 300-400 medals, she says loads of schools ask her this question and she will start counting.

    Q2 Have you ever fallen during a competition?

    Yes she has, lots of times but sometimes she carried on. Sometimes she was allowed to do it again later.

    Pupil 2

    Q1 What was your biggest challenge?

    Her biggest challenge was when she injured herself and had to recover from it.

    Q2 Who has been your toughest rival?

    He Kexin from china and Nastia Luikin but it was still a friendly rivalry.

    Pupil 3

    Q1 Who was your inspiration?

    Her dad and Kelly Holmes because he was the person that got her to do gymnastics and Kelly Holmes because she was the best gymnast.

    Q2 What one thing did you do that was key to your success?

    It was never giving up and always pushing your hardest in everything you do.

    Pupil 4

    Q1 What are your biggest accomplishments?

    2012 in the Olympics when she won bronze award in the gymnastics.


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